Automatic audio transcription: why you need transcription software

April 2023 | Lilly Torn
last updated on 30. August 2023

Many companies now work with audio or video recordings. But converting speech into text requires time and effort that can definitely be saved in the future. How? Simply leave the work to transcription software. Within a few seconds, it will automatically provide you with your speech-recognised transcript.

With the help of transcription software, you can reuse your audio and video content in text form, transcribe your interviews, meetings or podcasts and make your media archives searchable for the future

So, are you intrigued?

What exactly is audio transcription?

The term audio transcription is composed of the Latin words ‘audio’ (to hear), ‘trans’ (across) and ‘scribere’ (to write). It refers to the transitioning of speech into writing.  When we speak of audio transcription, we therefore mean the transcription of audio and video recordings.

Transcription is part of everyday business in many industries.

Where is audio transcription used?

In the media industry alone, transcripts of interviews are needed every day to put them into writing and to be able to quote from the conversations truthfully. In market research, too, expert interviews and group discussions and the preparation of the corresponding transcripts are all part of the everyday. At community meetings and in public authorities, minutes are taken of meetings, companies record meetings in order to have important speeches and decisions recorded in black and white later on. And – in education, law and health care – documentation is a must. In short, they are all looking for a text record of what was discussed.


Anyone who works in this area knows how tedious it is to transcribe audio and video recordings. Each recording has to be listened to again and typed out word-for-word. This costs an enormous amount of time and is incredibly frustrating. To put this into perspective, it takes a professional transcriber about four - five hours to transcribe an hour-long audio or video recording. So you don’t want to imagine how much more time it takes an inexperienced person. 

Fortunately, there are transcription programmes that do the time-consuming and tedious manual labour for you.


Automatic transcription software provides a remedy

Automatic transcription programmes can convert speech into text within a very short period. This means you can sit back and, with peace of mind, leave the transcription of audio and video recordings to the software. 

The programmes work on the basis of artificial intelligence. In the process, the underlying audio channels of the file are analysed, differentiated between different voice pitches and then a text file is created in which the content is assigned to the respective speaker and marked accordingly. 

Transcription software means an enormous reduction in workload and time savings, therefore. This can be extremely helpful, especially if you have to transcribe large numbers of audio files or even very long recordings. 

Transcription software is an indispensable tool for anyone who works with audio and video recordings often and needs to quickly convert them into text.

You don’t have to do much at all: simply upload your recordings and a short time later you will receive your speech-recognised transcript. That’s it. The software can’t only recognise different speakers or languages but can even handle dialects too. 

GoSpeech offers you the possibility to edit and structure your text afterwards in the online editor. It is easy and intuitive to use and contains numerous functions for convenient further processing of your text. For example, if you frequently use certain technical terms, you can create an individual dictionary, add speaker names, or use the keyword search.

The best thing is to try it yourself now. GoSpeech is available free of charge here


Online transcription softwareis a great tool for anyone who wants to save time and effort. 
All you have to do is upload your audio files. The software will do the rest. If you want, you can still edit the transcript of your recordings into the final desired form in the online editor. Done. 

Intrigued? Take the opportunity to test GoSpeech for free and let our transcription software transcribe your audio and video files.


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