The 3 advantages of a transcription software

April 2022 | Paul Kaiser
last updated on 19. June 2024

Are you still typing yourself? You let type? Forget all the typing - with transcription software such as GoSpeech, speech becomes text easily. An extremely helpful tool in all professions that have a lot to do with recording minutes, interviews and meetings.

Are you new to speech recognition and wondering what transcription software actually is? We will be happy to explain it to you:

With the help of transcription software, voice recordings that you have made with your smartphone or a dictaphone, for example, can be converted into text. This has many advantages.

1. Time saving

Do you know this situation? You conducted an interview, recorded a session or a dictation. Articles and minutes must be completed today and handed in tomorrow. But your typist has already finished work or doesn't exist at all. Not good news, because now it's time to go to the keyboard and type the audio file yourself. The good news: With GoSpeech, an AI-based transcription software, you will be spared this stress in the future. How? Simply upload the audio or video file - the software reliably and securely converts it into a script in just a few minutes, which you can easily edit with the intuitive editor. What do you do with the time you save? Maybe go into the well-deserved end of work.

2. Multimedia reuse

If your audio or video file has been successfully transcribed, you have all the options. You can edit your transcript in our online editor: for interviews or sessions, you may want to add speakers' names or highlight individual words or phrases and format them as you wish. You can export your revised transcript or the raw text in standard text formats and decide for yourself whether speaker names or markings should also be exported. Or paste the text into any other program, edit it further or use it directly. Transcription of your audio or video file also makes it searchable and better archivable. You can also conveniently open up your meeting or media archive for research purposes.

3. Very low error rate

Since transcription software is mostly based on artificial intelligence (AI), the quality of the transcripts received, the so-called "raw texts", is already very advanced. This significantly reduces the correction effort for you. This bears no relation to the complete typing of your audio recordings. In the integrated editor of our transcription software, you can easily change or replace individual words or phrases. This is a quick and easy way to get your finished transcript.

Curious? Take the opportunity to try GoSpeech for free and let our transcription software transcribe your audio and video files.


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