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April 2022 | Lilly Torn
last updated on 26. June 2023

Searchable audio and video files – we’ll show you how.

Do you work with audio recordings? Do you regularly produce video content? And have you always been looking for a way to make your media archives searchable? We’ll tell you how you can more easily manage your recordings with the help of speech recognition.

As a medium, the video format is constantly growing in popularity.

More and more people are consuming video content on a daily basis – according to a report by ARD/ZDF, this number reaches almost 90% of the population. Social media play a big role in this, of course, by gathering videos on an extensive platform. And of course the fact that most people use a smartphone because, on digital devices, videos can be downloaded and watched anywhere.


In addition, content in video form is easier to absorb and can be grasped more quickly. Viewers are more attentive because two senses are addressed simultaneously: sight and hearing. Audio content is also high on the popularity scale, used by 85% of Germans daily. Podcasts and radio reports are among the most popular forms of audio entertainment.

The rapid spread of video and audio recordings make clear how important suitable recording management solutions are for media and broadcasting companies, as well as for podcasters and publishers. Only in this way can their audio and video files also be added into any specific keyword search of their media archives, and without having to listen to them every time.


Speech recognition technology can help manage audio and video files. It is used in almost all areas of the media and entertainment market already.

With the use of speech recognition, audio and video recordings can be easily converted into scripts that convert the content of podcasts, videos, or reports into text files.

With the help of the transcripts of the recordings, media archives become easier to access and search too. In addition to the text files, your audio files can then also be searched for specific phrases or provided with meta data. Precise indexing, analysis and recognition of keywords simplifies the overall management of existing recordings.

Further advantages: it is not only internal archives that become searchable, but search engine discoverability is also increased. By additionally creating a script from the audio and video recordings, your media content can be found better by Google, Bing et. al. and the traffic on your website can be increased. In addition, you can immediately use the content in multimedia form and, therefore, reach additional target groups and enable barrier-free access to your content.


What are you waiting for?

The advantages of automatic audio transcription:

  • Searchable audio and video recordings
  • Subtitling your recordings
  • Multimedia reuse of your content
  • Accessibility
  • Precise indexing, analysis and recognition of keywords

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