GoSpeech & Amberscript in comparison

October 2023 | Mirjam Horz
last updated on 31. October 2023

The portfolio of audio-to-text solutions is constantly growing and offers the right solution for all users, but also poses some challenges. With so many providers, it can be difficult to find the right transcription software for your needs. For this reason, we would like to help you make your decision by comparing GoSpeech and Amberscript.

Amberscript and GoSpeech are each AI-powered transcription software that automatically converts audio and video content into text. If needed, the texts can be exported and edited.


The business model of both providers focuses on the automatic transcription of audio and video files and the generation of automatic subtitles. However, Amberscript also enables the creation of professional transcription and professional subtitles.

GoSpeech offers the possibility to share its files through the group function. This is also possible with users who do not have a GoSpeech account. Amberscript does not have such a function.

A vocabulary function to record your own words is also part of the portfolio of both providers. GoSpeech allows up to 1000 words to be created across files. Amberscript, on the other hand, offers space for 20 words, but this is only file-bound. Furthermore, GoSpeech, in contrast to Amberscript, offers the possibility of saving previous versions of the document through the version history.

For better editing, GoSpeech offers an exportable notepad into which text passages can be copied and annotated. Amberscript does not offer such a notepad.

GoSpeech offers its transcription for 18 languages, whereas Amberscript can transcribe in 39 languages.

Data security

In terms of security, Amberscript is EU-DSGVO compliant and hosts on Central European servers based on Amazon Webservices' server structure. Amberscript also does not exclude the transfer of data to third countries outside the EU.

GoSpeech, unlike Amberscript, exhibits German DSGVO compliance. Furthermore, GoSpeech hosts exclusively on German servers, which promise maximum data security.

GoSpeech is not only offered as a cloud, but also as an on-premises version on business customers' own servers. No external data connection is required for this. Accordingly, neither user data nor uploaded files or transcripts are transmitted to unauthorized persons.


GoSpeech and Amberscript are both excellent transcription services. Depending on the intended use, both providers have arguments in their favor. For example, the variety of languages that Amberscript can transcribe may be the deciding factor for some users. For other users, GoSpeech wins through its extensive editing function and cost advantages.

However, we can name GoSpeech as the winner in this comparison due to its high data protection compliance and price attractiveness.

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