Optimum data security - with our on-premises solution

November 2023 | Christina Jacob
last updated on 09. November 2023

As an alternative to the cloud-based version of GoSpeech, which is hosted exclusively in German data centers, GoSpeech is also available as an on-premises solution.

What does on-premises mean?

Literally translated as "on site", an on-premises solution is nothing other than an in-house solution. The transcription software is installed on the customer's own servers and operated locally.

The advantage of this is that on-premises solutions offer an extremely high level of data security. As no data connection to public clouds on external servers is required to operate GoSpeech as an on-premises solution, all data remains in-house.

Only people who have authorized access to the respective network can use GoSpeech. The risk of user data, uploaded files or transcripts falling into the wrong hands due to cloud hosting is therefore extremely low. Sensitive data does not have to leave the customer's own system for processing by the transcription software and is not passed on to third parties. The customer can decide for themselves which data is used where and how, meaning they are in control of all data security decisions.

As an on-premises solution, GoSpeech is particularly suitable for public administration, authorities and companies that do not want to or cannot use a secure public cloud located in Germany.

We take care of the technology

The GoSpeech on-premises solution is installed by trained system engineers from Grundig Business Systems, who ensure that no unwanted access is enabled during configuration. Grundig Business Systems also provides support for the software by email and via a live chat service, as well as training for system administrators and users on request. 

Future updates are also installed by GBS. Customers can decide for themselves whether they want to adopt the latest version or skip it if the functionalities do not appeal to them. Updates are also provided for on-premises installations to ensure that the latest, data protection-compliant components are used. These can be installed as required by our system engineers.

What does it cost?

The customer can book 30, 60 or 90 hours per month for the use of the on-premises solution as required. If the number of hours is not sufficient, individual hours can be flexibly added, and individual cost models are of course also possible.

Are you curious and interested in state of the art tech in a private environment? There are only a few speech recognition engines that are also available as an on-premises version. Take the opportunity to test GoSpeech free of charge and without obligation and register now.


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