Speech to text.

Quite easy with
  • Excellent speech recognition
  • Fast and convenient operation
  • Data protection compliant and transparent
  • Freeplan available

Advantages of GoSpeech

GoSpeech offers the best speech recognition thanks to years of experience in this field.
GoSpeech runs DSGVO-compliant in a triple-replicated IT infrastructure exclusively in Germany.
Thanks to intuitive, web-based user interface to create protocols, summaries or articles instantly.

Advantages of GoSpeech

In 3 simple steps
Upload recordings

Simply drag and drop your audio and video recordings into our transcription software GoSpeech.

Automatic conversion from speech to text

GoSpeech reliably and securely creates your transcript in a matter of moments.

Edit online

In our comfortable online editor, text and audio are available synchronised. This allows you to quickly edit, mark or search your transcripts.

Audiotranskription für ihre Branche

Market research
Surveys & Interviews
Do you regularly need to transcribe surveys, discussions or expert interviews? Use our transcription software for your market research!
Social Media
Podcasts und vlogs
You want to increase your podcast reach, but don't know how? With our transcription software, you can easily tap into new target groups.
Interviews, reports, broadcasts, media archives
We are your contact for audio transcription in the field of media and journalism. Maximum time saving for transcription of broadcasts, reports and interviews.
Minutes of on-site and online meetings
Rely on automatic transcription with GoSpeech and create meeting minutes, in a snap! Make your meetings searchable.
Public administration
Minutes of meetings and committees
Rely on automatic transcription with GoSpeech and create meeting minutes, police reports and much more in no time!
Are you interested in an in-house solution?
Of course, GoSpeech can also be installed on your own servers (on-premises) in a privacy-protected manner. Contact us and get customized solutions for your company.

GoSpeech Blog

February 2024
Radolfzell city administration
Find out how the city of Radolfzell has achieved enormous time savings by using GoSpeech. Read our reference report for more information.
[Translate to Englisch:]
December 2023
Gospeech goes green
GoSpeech is committed to green innovation! Discover how we not only drive speech technology forward, but also actively contribute to environmental protectio
[Translate to Englisch:] GoSpeech Spracherkennung auch als On-Premises Lösung
November 2023
Optimum data security - with our on-premises solution
[Translate to Englisch:] Spracherkennung nutzen, trotz optimaler Datensicherheit? Erfahren Sie, wie GoSpeech als On-Premises Lösung Ihnen dies bietet.
[Translate to Englisch:] schnelles und effizientes verschriftlichen von Interviews dank KI basierter Transkriptionssoftware
November 2023
5 tips: Transcribe interviews efficiently
[Translate to Englisch:] Lerne, wie du Interviews schnell und genau verschriftlichen kannst und dabei von der Verwendung von Transkriptionssoftware wie GoSpeech profitierst.
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