Increase your podcast reach with transcription

Podcasters and vloggers put their heart and soul into content creation. Episode after episode full of unique content that unfortunately is not picked up by search engines. Increase your vlog and podcast reach and speed up creating podcast transcripts, summaries or excerpts with automatic transcription!

Transcribe podcasts: quickly and conveniently

Let GoSpeech transcribe your podcast episodes and provide barrier-free access to your content with the text version of your recordings.
A transcript of your podcast will also help you create summaries or excerpts of your episodes. In this way, arouse the interest of your listeners in the topics you are discussing in advance.
You can also use the option of being able to search through your podcast episodes afterwards in order to find specific topics or keywords more quickly.
Husband and wife record podcast episode to transcribe afterwards

Higher podcast reach thanks to better visibility

By writing the podcast episodes, you can increase your podcast visibility in search engines. With the podcast transcript, you become visible on the topics you deal with in Google, Bing and Co. and can thus increase your podcast reach.
You can also use the podcast transcript to reuse your content in multimedia, for example for your blog or social media. Benefit from the opportunity to open up new target groups and platforms.
Man checks his podcast reach

Your benefits of podcast transcription at a glance

  • Higher podcast reach through better visibility in search engines
  • Searchability of your podcast episodes or vlogs
  • Development of new target groups and platforms
  • Accessibility of your content
  • Faster creating episode summaries or excerpts
  • GDPR-compliant protection of your data on German servers
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Areas of application
Audio or video transcripts for podcasts and vlogs, summaries, excerpts of individual episodes and much more!

In a few steps to the finished podcast transcript:

1. Upload recordings

Transfer your audio and video recordings simply by dragging and dropping.

2. Automatic voice recognition

GoSpeech creates your transcript reliably and securely in just a few moments.

3. Edit online

Text and audio are synchronized in our online editor. This allows you to quickly edit, markup or search your transcripts.