Audio transcription in public administration

Automatically transcribe minutes of meetings and committees with GoSpeech!

Speech-to-text of sessions and meetings

Creating meeting minutes is a time-consuming activity. Word protocols are particularly complex. As an AI-based transcription software, GoSpeech takes care of the transcription of your audio and video recordings for you. Within a few minutes you will receive your speech-recognized transcript for completion in the secretariat.

It doesn't matter that the speakers aren't dictating "ready for press." The punctuation is largely set automatically. And the different speakers are also recognized automatically. The converted texts can still be edited afterwards.
Meeting is recorded for later conversion to text through automatic transcription

Report generation fast and comfortable

This makes creating extensive meeting minutes quick and efficient. It is secondary whether the recording was made in a large plenary hall of a parliament or district council, in a community hall or in a small meeting room. Whether meetings, discussion groups or conferences, even online meetings can be quickly and easily converted into text with this AI-based software. This saves you a lot of time when creating the logs.

Once you have the recognized text, you can also more easily search, tag, and archive your audio and video recordings.
Minutes of meetings are easily completed by a woman on the laptop

Your advantages for faster meeting minutes with GoSpeech

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Automated session logs offer many benefits
Areas of application
Progress and full logs, interviews, police interrogations, telephone recordings and much more!

In just a few steps to the finished transcript:

1. Upload recordings

Transfer your audio and video recordings simply by dragging and dropping.

2. Automatic voice recognition

GoSpeech creates your transcript reliably and securely in just a few moments.

3. Online editing

Text and audio are synchronized in our online editor, allowing you to quickly edit, markup or search your transcripts.

Are you interested in an in-house solution for public administration?

Of course, GoSpeech can also be installed on your own servers (on-premises) in a data-protected manner. Talk to us and get customized solutions from our transcription software for your company.

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