Audio transcription in qualitative market research

Have group discussions and expert interviews automatically transcribed with GoSpeech and accelerate the process of qualitative market research!

Automatically transcribe surveys, discussions and expert interviews

With GoSpeech, manually transcribing your recordings is a thing of the past. Our AI-based transcription software does the writing of your expert interviews for you and convinces with first-class speech recognition quality. Different speakers are automatically recognized. And the AI does the punctuation too.
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More time for qualitative evaluation and analysis

Let GoSpeech work for you and only take care of the essentials: the evaluation and analysis of your expert interviews and surveys.
With GoSpeech, you'll receive your finished transcript in moments. Your advantage: You can immediately concentrate fully on the qualitative analysis of your surveys.
Export your speech-recognized texts and start importing them into analysis programs like MAXQDA. Dedicate the time gained to coding and paraphrasing, as well as preparing your results.
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Your benefits when transcribing expert interviews

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Woman has the content of her market research interviews quickly available thanks to automatic transcription
Areas of application
Group discussions, expert interviews, surveys and much more!

In just a few steps to the finished transcript:

1. Upload recordings

Transfer your audio and video recordings simply by dragging and dropping.

2. Automatic voice recognition

GoSpeech creates your transcript reliably and securely in just a few moments.

3. Edit online

Text and audio are synchronized in our online editor. This allows you to quickly edit, markup or search your transcripts.

Are you interested in an in-house solution for your market research company?

Of course, GoSpeech can also be installed on your own servers (on-premises) in a data-protected manner. Talk to us and get customized solutions from our transcription software for your company.

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