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Easily convert meetings into word transcripts

Want to get more out of your meetings as a business? With GoSpeech, our AI-based transcription software, you can have your meeting recordings quickly and easily converted into word transcripts.

Regardless of whether speakers dictate in a way that's not "fit to print," transcripts are speech-recognized and points are automatically placed in minutes. In addition, the software automatically recognizes the different speakers and you can edit and archive the texts as needed. Turn your meetings into valuable and accurate minutes with GoSpeech now.

Make your meetings searchable!

GoSpeech makes it easy to search your transcripts for terms or keywords. Our integrated search function allows you to find relevant text passages quickly and easily.

You can also use your own defined terms and use our extensive keyword options for maximum flexibility. Never miss important information again and improve your meeting efficiency with GoSpeech's searchable transcription feature.

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In just a few steps to the finished transcript:

1. Upload recordings

Transfer your audio and video recordings simply by dragging and dropping.

2. Automatic voice recognition

GoSpeech creates your transcript reliably and securely in just a few moments.

3. Online editing

Text and audio are synchronized in our online editor, allowing you to quickly edit, markup or search your transcripts.

Are you interested in an in-house solution for public administration?

Of course, GoSpeech can also be installed on your own servers (on-premises) in a data-protected manner. Talk to us and get customized solutions from our transcription software for your company.

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