GoSpeech at the Digitaler Staat Congress: The future of speech recognition for public administration

April 2024 |
last updated on 19. June 2024

Product benefits of GoSpeech for public administration

It is clear to us that our leading solution in the field of automated speech recognition is the key to the efficient and sovereign organisation of public administration. This realisation became clear at the Digitaler Staat Congress, which recently took place under the motto "faster, stronger, more sovereign - TOGETHER".

As a company that is actively driving the future of digital transformation in government and administration, our presentation of GoSpeech was not only an opportunity, but also a significant step towards forward-looking collaboration in the public sector.

The benefits of GoSpeech for public administration: increased efficiency and data protection

An outstanding feature of GoSpeech is our advanced multi-speaker recognition technology. This enables our platform to not only identify individual speakers, but also accurately transcribe and analyse conversations with multiple participants. This functionality is crucial for the public sector, where meetings, discussions and interviews often involve a multitude of voices. Data privacy and security are of paramount importance in the public sector, and GoSpeech fulfils the strictest data protection standards. Our servers are located in Germany, which means that sensitive data from government and administrative organisations is stored in a legally protected area. We also offer the option of an on-premises installation, where data sovereignty lies 100% with our customers.

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Co-operations and future prospects

At the congress, various potential cooperation partners were identified who offer innovative solutions to the challenges of the public sector. From companies committed to barrier-free access to content to service providers for GDPR-compliant video conferencing, working with these partners could expand the functionality of GoSpeech and further modernise the public sector.

The role of GoSpeech in the digital transformation of public administration

The exchange at the Digitaler Staat Congress made it clear that public administration is increasingly recognising the opportunities offered by automation and digitalisation. By implementing advanced technologies such as GoSpeech, government authorities can achieve efficiency gains, reduce costs and improve the quality of services at the same time.

However, our participation in this congress was more than just an opportunity to present our technology. It was also a valuable chance to engage with decision makers and experts from the public sector and gain valuable insights into their needs and challenges. We are excited about the opportunities we have in the public sector and are determined to continue providing innovative solutions that help drive digital transformation in government and administration.