Top 5 AI software for journalists and media professionals

November 2023 |
last updated on 06. November 2023

AI-supported software is constantly improving and is now available for many different areas of application, including text and images. Automated text creation, image processing, text-to-speech solutions - they all have what it takes to support us in our work, and in a very effective way. The only question that remains is which software is best for my needs? We have gained an overview and present our top 5 AI-supported software for journalists and media professionals here.


1. GoSpeech

The AI-supported transcription software converts spoken language into text within a few minutes. Be it interviews, meeting minutes, recordings or surveys - audio and video recordings are automatically transcribed using AI-based speech recognition, and the texts can then be exported or edited directly in the online editor.
The group function makes it possible to share the texts with users who do not have a GoSpeech account - a practical function for working in a team. 
The speech-to-text tool has a very high recognition rate, it can easily cope with different dialects and can also recognize different speakers, which it marks as such in the transcript. 

GoSpeech has a keyword function; the software generates the corresponding keywords, which can be added if required. Specific vocabulary (e.g. technical terms) is stored in the dictionary, and in post-processing, numbers, time and currency details are reproduced in the correct spelling: "25%" instead of "twenty-five percent". 
With the automatic creation of subtitles, the software offers bloggers and social media users in particular a great feature: simply upload a video and GoSpeech does the rest.


Probably the world's best-known text generator delivers outstanding text quality in German, although it first generates texts in English and translates them using the AI assistants DeepL and Google Translate. Thanks to its more than 50 templates, the AI tool can be used to write texts for every conceivable format: Blog articles, product descriptions, marketing texts, headlines, social media content, introductions, etc. Jasper also checks the grammar and whether the text contains plagiarized passages. The user can also choose between "you" or "you" form. 
With the Boss Mode upgrade, the software offers a template for longer texts (long-form content), the option to summarize texts and the integration of Surfer SEO for content optimization. 

Jasper can also generate images: the AI image generator Jasper Art can be booked for an additional charge. The AI tool also has a browser extension and an AI chatbot.

3. Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is a professional image editing program that is easy to use even for non-professionals. In addition to the usual tools for editing RAW and JPG files, the software has additional AI-supported tools that automate complex, multi-step tasks.
With their help, images can be perfected at the click of a mouse instead of tedious manual work: e.g. adjusting the exposure while taking the image composition and depth into account; hue, saturation, highlights and contrast are intelligently optimized.

The AI can automatically retouch, it even recognizes different elements of faces in portraits and thus allows direct editing of certain details. It can mask, crop and replace the background, and in portraits it can subsequently add a bokeh effect, a soft blurring of the background. 
The software also includes numerous other AI tools; extensions such as "Noise-free AI" (for removing image noise), "Super sharp AI" (for correcting motion blur) or "Magic light AI" (for amplifying or changing light sources in images) are also available.


A voice generator for the quick and easy creation of professional voice-overs for videos and podcasts. offers a selection of 120 natural voices in 20 languages, pitch, intonation and pauses can be adjusted, and if you want, you can also perfectly imitate the voices of well-known people, such as actors or celebrities. 
The extremely user-friendly AI is primarily intended for content creators who want to add sound to their written content from blog articles or social media posts. can be combined with AI text generators and AI video generators for increased productivity.


5. Synthesia

Save a lot of time and money - with the Synthesia video generator, time-consuming and costly video productions become superfluous, as you don't need a studio, actors or complicated lighting and camera technology. 
The AI tool for creating videos is very user-friendly and extremely easy to use: simply enter the desired text, select an avatar, set the background and position - and the video is generated. 

Synthesia offers a choice of over 130 avatars, 55 templates and 120 languages. The package also includes background music, access to stock photos from Unsplash and Shutterstock and the integration of other applications such as YouTube, Vimeo or PowerPoint.
Synthesia's spoken language is clear and distinct, even foreign words, acronyms and numbers are recognized and pronounced correctly.
If you want to spend a little more money, you can book an add-on to create an avatar with your own look and voice. 

Conclusion: Overall, AI software can be a great tool for journalists if used correctly. It can help them save time, improve the quality and efficiency of their work and work more cost-effectively.