Three Copywriting Tools for Journalists

April 2023 | Christina Jacob
last updated on 30. August 2023

Artificial intelligence makes it possible – with the help of AI, copywriting becomes child’s play. Anyone who frequently works with texts likely knows the issue: a blog post, press release of marketing text has to be written quickly and under time pressure, but your brain goes walkabouts. You struggle to find an exciting introduction to the topic, or you can’t concentrate as the work on your desk piles up higher and higher. Text creation tools based on artificial intelligence are the solution to overcoming short-term writer’s block, therefore.


A dream? No – reality!

There are now various applications to help with text creation, from content to translation to automatic transcription of audio and video recordings. Here, we examine them more closely. 


1. Rytr, text creation tool

The tool creates texts across 32 possible application areas, including blog posts, marketing texts, content for presentations, landing pages, social media content and even song lyrics. You can also create your own test use cases if you wish. The software only needs a few keywords to automatically generate brilliantly useable text sections. Complex content is described with grammatical and stylistic accuracy, though in practice should be used as more of a basic structure then supplemented – or, indeed, corrected – with the power of human intelligence.
The software does not use templates created in ahead of time, rather it always generates the texts afresh on the basis of the keywords entered. It can be used for free with up to 5,000 characters per month.

Summary: Text bots are a useful tool when time is short, or inspiration or expertise are lacking. They don’t save you from doing all the work yourself, but they offer an excellent foundation to work more efficiently and save money. 

2. DeepL, translation tool

DeepL is an online translator that translates texts from one language to another in real time. It translates up to 500,000 characters per month free of charge. The paid version offers more convenience: instead of using copy and paste, it allows you to insert complete text files by dragging and dropping.

The software also has a chatbot that helps with translations. DeepL is available for the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Simplified Chinese. The API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to integrate the functions of DeepL directly into your website and other applications.

Summary: The quality of the AI-supported translation platform is relatively high; it offers reliable results in terms of content in most languages.
If you are using it for journalism, however, you should revise the texts that have been translated into your native language for style. 

3. GoSpeech, tool for transcribing audio and video files

GoSpeech is a software for the automatic transcription of audio and video files that – using AI-based speech recognition – can convert spoken language into text in no time at all. Whether it’s interviews, meeting minutes or market research surveys, GoSpeech eliminates the need for tedious and time-consuming manual transcription. Simply upload the audio or video recording to the transcription software using drag & drop and the software automatically creates the transcript immediately. The text and audio are then synchronised in the convenient online editor, which allows you to quickly edit the text and highlight or search the transcripts. The finished text can be easily exported to all common text formats for further processing.

Summary: GoSpeech is freely available for an unlimited period of time and is an excellent tool to save yourself the tediousness of typing of audio transcripts. The recognition rate is very high, and it can also tell different speakers and even dialects. Poor recording quality or niche expressions can lead to imaginative new word creations, but you can add these to your individual dictionary. The speech recognition then ‘learns’ the vocabulary, so to speak, so it is stored for the future. 

Artificial intelligence-based text creation tools are a great support in everyday work. Be it for inspiration or to make time-consuming work, which unfortunately also occurs when creating texts, as efficient as possible. So you can better concentrate on the actual content.

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