Reference report: Pfennigparade relies on GoSpeech for accessibility in podcasts

October 2023 |
last updated on 03. November 2023

Pfennigparade Michael Düren

Recognized workshop for people with physical disabilities, Munich Area of work and employment

"For us at Pfennigparade, accessibility has always been a top priority. With GoSpeech, we can now make podcasts accessible to all - a real asset."

Pfennigparade relies on GoSpeech to generate transcripts for podcasts

Podcasts, as audio-only content, must be accessible according to German law. This principle has long applied to public bodies. With the entry into force of the Barrier-Free Accessibility Strengthening Act (Barrierefreiheitsstärkungsgesetz, BFSG), this will also become mandatory for the private sector in a B2C context. This means that an alternative source of information, such as a transcript, must also always be provided for people with impaired hearing. "Unfortunately, this is often neglected," knows Michael Düren, Business Unit Manager IT Services and Head of the Competence Center "Digital Participation for All".

Under the title "Barrier? Go! Digital.", Pfennigparade has been publishing its own podcast for accessible solutions in the digital space since 2021. "Many episodes had no textual alternatives because we had no one or nothing to convert the podcasts into transcribed texts." Hand transcription would be laborious and time-consuming. The solution needed to be simple and effective. GoSpeech was chosen because of its very easy handling and the possibility to achieve good results quickly. "It's a plug-and-play product that immediately excited us," recalls Michael Düren.

A big plus was the manual correction system, which is controlled by the users themselves. This enabled Pfennigparade to ensure that the transcripts were of the highest quality and accuracy.

Pfennigparade felt in good hands with the GoSpeech team from Grundig Business Systems and particularly valued. "The openness towards the topic of non-profit organization was remarkable. Our expectations were not only met, but exceeded." His conclusion: "We would choose GoSpeech again any time!"