Reference report: Ostfildern city council optimizes protocol management with GoSpeech transcription software

October 2023 | Stadt Ostfildern
last updated on 19. June 2024

Ostfildern Municipality

Office of the Municipal Council, Christa Barth (head of department)

"We have no regrets about being the first municipality in the area to start trying GoSpeech. The minutes can now be produced with a noticeable time saving."

Ostfildern city administration optimizes protocol management with GoSpeech transcription software

Until now, the municipal council meetings in the Ostfildern municipal administration were recorded on site and then transcribed on the basis of audio recordings - a process that required an enormous amount of time, especially for meetings with an average length of 3 hours and requests to speak from more than 30 people. According to § 38(2) of the Baden-Württemberg municipal code, the minutes must be brought to the attention of the municipal council within one month. Therefore, it is crucial for the city administration to produce the texts in a timely manner.

A speech recognition system was urgently sought for faster transcription of requests to speak from large groups of people. "GoSpeech recognizes multiple speakers and allows specific words, such as proper names, to be saved for future use. When editing the transcription, we can use our existing foot pedal in the application. These functions have greatly improved our work processes," says Christa Barth, head of the local council office.

The meeting room is equipped with individual microphones. This means that the audio recording only has to be imported into GoSpeech afterwards. This works so well that they are already considering using speech recognition in other administrative areas as well.

The cooperation and in particular the support provided by the Grundig Business Systems team in the project is rated as "very good". "If we had any problems or questions, our customer support always took care of our concerns immediately. Initial training was also provided early on, so we feel very well taken care of," says Christa Barth.

Photo: City of Ostfildern/Schöniger

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