Radolfzell city council saves a lot of time thanks to GoSpeech transcription

February 2024 |
last updated on 19. June 2024

"Enormous time savings thanks to automatic transcription with GoSpeech"

The employees of the Radolfzell municipal council office are responsible, among other things, for organizing and conducting the regular municipal council meetings. This also includes the subsequent recording of the minutes of the committee meetings, which was previously only done manually.

"We used to transcribe all audio recordings by hand," explains Selina Buchwald. "According to municipal regulations, we are obliged to make the minutes available within one month - a task that took a lot of time."

The main reason for purchasing transcription software was to reduce the workload of the team in the office. GoSpeech was chosen for two reasons:

Firstly, GRUNDIG Business System's expertise was convincing - the company was involved in the project development of SPEAKER, a language assistance platform "Made in Germany", by the Fraunhofer Institute - and secondly, the high level of data security provided by its location in Germany. GoSpeech runs exclusively on German servers and is therefore fully GDPR-compliant.

GoSpeech Enterprise was implemented as a cloud solution at the Radolfzell municipal council office because it is so flexibly scalable. "The software runs in front of our firewall in GBS's secure security environment," explains Frank Perchtold.

Selina Buchwald adds: "The very fast project implementation was particularly positive for us. GoSpeech could be set up during ongoing operations without affecting our work processes." The transcription software was initially adapted to the requirements of the office team and implemented in a one-to-one meeting via Zoom with an employee from GRUNDIG Business Systems.

In Radolfzell, the municipal council meetings have now been automatically transcribed by GoSpeech in the form of audio files in WAV format since July 2023. "The collaboration with GRUNDIG Business Systems was very professional.

"We have achieved our main goal: an enormous time saving in the creation of minutes and an increase in quality thanks to the very high accuracy of the transcription software. The much more efficient way of working gives us more capacity for our core areas," says Selina Buchwald. "We have already been able to tell colleagues about our positive experiences with GoSpeech and present the software to them on site - with consistently positive feedback."

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