Meet the team – Lilly, the organizer

April 2023 |
last updated on 30. August 2023

What fascinates you about artificial intelligence and speech recognition?

I first came into contact with the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and speech recognition when I was a working student at a company that develops software. I found it so interesting that I immediately took up the topic in my master's thesis, which was about the acceptance of artificial intelligence. Here, I conducted an experimental study to investigate various influencing factors that can promote people's acceptance of AI-based applications. 
It was clear that I wanted to work in a company that was also involved in artificial intelligence right after graduation. And I hit it off - AI-based speech recognition with its diverse possibilities and areas of application is an exciting field that I now have the opportunity to get to know here. 


What is your part in the GoSpeech project?

As a product manager, I accompany the development process and the successful market launch of GoSpeech.
This includes development and planning, coordination and organization of the business units involved in the project, right through to marketing and positioning GoSpeech on the market. 
My tasks are so varied that I learn something new every day, encounter new challenges and take something away with me every time.


GoSpeech is a great project, as I said, very exciting and guaranteed never boring.

What inspires you about your job?

Seeing the progress in the project and especially the idea behind GoSpeech grow. It is 
simply fun to be able to observe the progress of my own work, and to see how the project is also making great progress thanks to my input.
What also drives and inspires me is the daily collaboration with many motivated and creative minds. When you realize that everyone is pulling in the same direction and working together towards a common goal, that's worth a lot.

What are you looking forward the most about the GoSpeech project?

Looking forward to customer feedback and seeing GoSpeech continue to grow. I am very grateful to be part of this fascinating project and I am 100% behind the idea. I'm even more excited to see how our transcription software is received by customers and how GoSpeech will continue to evolve in the future. Because it will, we will always optimize the software over time according to the latest technology behind it and implement all customer wishes and requirements in the best possible way.


What do you do when you're not working on AI-based speech recognition?

Playing tennis and jogging - exercise clears the head for new ideas. And I like to write about what fascinates me so that I can share it with others. 


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