Meet the team - Business Development Managerin Ellen

November 2023 | Christina Jacob
last updated on 03. November 2023

Get to know the Business Development Manager behind the transcription software GoSpeech and the challenges of marketing it!


Welcome to the GoSpeech team. What is your area of responsibility in this project?

As Business Development Manager, I am responsible for identifying and qualifying new business areas for our GoSpeech Enterprise solutions. At Grundig Business Systems, we have focused on the legal, medical and public sectors for many years. Thanks to our specially developed transcription software, we can address completely new target groups, also because speech recognition has undergone a huge price reduction in recent years, making it affordable for new target groups.


Can you give examples?

I am currently in contact with those involved in the German Legal Affairs Committee as well as with the authorities. A draft law on the documentation of main court hearings is due to be passed this year; this involves the digital recording of court hearings. This means that regional and higher regional courts may be among our future customers. In short: I work in all areas where minutes are taken and a lot of time is then spent transcribing them by hand.


What other target groups are there?

The target groups are actually very diverse.
For example, I see great potential in universities and educational institutions. I think that in future, institutions will provide their students with all the necessary software services centrally. This also includes GDPR-compliant transcription software to convert qualitative interviews into text. We offer these target groups individually tailored service packages to best meet their needs. 

Our target group also includes market research institutes and management consultancies. By using GoSpeech, the process of interview evaluation and analysis can be accelerated enormously. This is becoming increasingly important due to the growing pressure of the shortage of specialists. 

GoSpeech can also be integrated into existing systems. This is relevant for target groups such as banks. Customer conversations are recorded, transcribed and transferred to the inventory system via an API interface. 

This basically applies to any area in which contracts are concluded over the phone or service calls are made.

So you are responsible for the further distribution of GoSpeech.

Yes, I love analyzing the customer's needs and defining the right service package. In addition, GoSpeech is simply a great product with a lot of potential and a very future-oriented technology. 
I like to explain the advantages of the application to my conversation partners, that they can only benefit from the enormous time savings of automatic transcription and the ease of work in post-editing on the platform. And I am happy to help drive digitization in Germany. Considering that not even all courtrooms in Germany have Wi-Fi, there is still a lot to do.


I think the issue of data security also plays a major role here?

This is precisely why we offer our on-premises solutions, with which GoSpeech can be installed securely on your own servers and the customer retains full data sovereignty. Incidentally, our cloud solution runs exclusively on German servers and is therefore fully GDPR-compliant and secure.


How do you see the rapid development of artificial intelligence?

I can understand the concern that AI could take away our jobs. But it will never be able to completely replace humans. On the contrary, it will support us so that we have much more capacity to devote ourselves to other tasks. Human input will still be required for the post-processing and further processing of transcribed texts.
Another example: an important function of GoSpeech is the keyword search, especially when documenting hearings or court proceedings. If you are looking for the exact point where the witness describes how he got his fingers caught in the broken cellar door, you can use the keyword search to find the relevant statement immediately without having to manually search through 40 pages.


Apart from artificial intelligence and GoSpeech, what else excites you?

I actually really like tidying up to clear my head. And when the apartment is ready, I like to go hiking. I have Franconian Switzerland right on my doorstep, which is perfect. I'm also active in the dog club, but unfortunately I've already taught my dog everything you can teach a dog - so now my cat has to make do...


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