GoSpeech: The basis for successful chatbots

July 2024 |
last updated on 09. July 2024

Chatbots are playing an increasingly important role in the dynamic world of AI-supported communication. Everyone has been talking about chatbots since ChatGPT. The combination of voice assistants with specific information is particularly interesting. The general knowledge of the stored Large Language Model (LLM) can be supplemented by internal documents or the statements can be limited to these areas. 

The founders of the podcast Kassenzone created a custom GPT and shared their approach on their blog. Based on the audio files from the Kassenzone podcast, a chatbot was created that allows listeners to search through information from over 500 podcast episodes from the last 10 years. However, this is only possible if the audio data is also transcribed. GoSpeech played a key role in this.

GoSpeech as a starting point

To create the Kassenzone chatbot, GoSpeech was used to convert unstructured audio data into text data. This data forms the basis for the development of powerful chatbots. GoSpeech's high recognition accuracy ensures that the transcribed data is of the highest quality. 

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The challenges of creating a chatbot

Creating a powerful chatbot is a complex process that often encounters unexpected difficulties. The article on Kassenzone shows that many projects encounter challenges with data quality and structuring. Unstructured audio data must be converted into text data in order to be correctly interpreted by chatbots. Without this foundation, it is almost impossible to develop a chatbot that fulfils the requirements.

Data preparation with GoSpeech

GoSpeech provides the necessary data basis for every chatbot. Our AI-driven speech-to-text function converts audio data into text that can be further processed to develop intelligent and contextualised chatbots. Although GoSpeech does not fully structure the data, it provides a solid basis for further processing by AI systems such as ChatGPT.

Improvement through the vocabulary function

Our vocabulary function offers additional potential for improving recognition accuracy and pre-structuring the data. By defining specific names and terms in advance, GoSpeech can recognise and process them with even greater precision. This improves the quality of the text data and facilitates subsequent structuring by ChatGPT, ultimately resulting in a more powerful chatbot.


GoSpeech is more than just a speech transcription tool. We offer a comprehensive solution that forms the basis for the development of chatbots. Our ability to convert unstructured audio data into accurate text data, coupled with high recognition accuracy, the vocabulary feature, multi-speaker recognition and GDPR compliance, makes us an indispensable partner for any organisation looking to enter the world of chatbots. 

Even if the first implementation of a chatbot does not immediately deliver the desired results, GoSpeech ensures that the underlying data is of the highest quality. This enables companies to continuously optimise their chatbot solutions and ultimately make them successful. 

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